About the blog

I am 57. I work with a financial institution. I like to keep an eye on whatever is happening around our lives. I am interested in social, political, cultural, economic, sports incidences just as anyone else. Most of us ordinary folks are interested in these areas though only at periphery. So long as we are not directly involved or engaged in any or more of these spectrum, we mainly comment and keep ourselves off to a safe distance. We comment as any other onlooker and move away without caring for the impact of our comments or outbursts. At least I have been doing that all these years.  Murmuring to myself sometimes, thinking aloud often and occasionally sharing my thoughts with family or friends.

Of late, partly inspired by reading my daughter’s blogposts and partly from my inner persuasions, I have been contemplating penning down my thoughts on various contemporary topics. More so because I was finding contradictions in my thoughts. Regarding any topic I was forming logic both for and against. Nothing extraordinary I suppose since I believe many ordinary guys like me think the same way. While I walk in the morning alone or when I drive to office with no one else in the car, I think of many topics, right from mythological to modern day themes. Sometimes an incident at office or an incident on road or an incident heard from an acquaintance or an incident in my mailbox makes me pause and think over it.

I intend to include all these thoughts in my blogposts. The idea is to test how far I can stretch my arguments both in favour and against on any topic, how can I be my best or worst critic. Let me judge that because my comments will be aimed at my own knowledge on the subject. The comments (or sometimes outbursts) are not aimed at anyone, living or dead, fictional or real, old or young.  The attempts will be logical and if I don’t find logic I will not proceed, promise.

That’s for now friends. Let me start and see how far my journey would be.

See you in my next post.


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